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Backing Web 3 companies who are evolving our lives into a borderless censorship resistant society with ownership rights and financial independence at its core
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Kommune Values

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Open global community vs. closed insider circles
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Heavily diversified across geographies, industries and cultures
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Radical and decade-long alignment with visionary founders
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We love to challenge market status quos and fight every battle with you

Investment Thesis

Some of us were born in the Soviet Union with limited freedom of movement, no property rights, regular erosion or expropriation of life-long savings, and waves of “witch-hunt” campaigns leading to arrests and exiles.
We learned to live through this in close communities of families, relatives and neighbors which appeared to produce miracles in supporting talents in science, art, culture and business.
Anti-authoritarian views on the world are in our veins! Building communities with cross-border support networks roots deep to our parents and family circles!
With the advance of Web 3 and decentralized technology we finally see there is a chance to accelerate our natural evolution to a safer and balanced cross-border society.
In practical terms, we believe Web 3 will reshape many aspects of our current lives including ownership, work, money and judicial systems.


Evolving from a series of centralized funds and SPVs (CryptoBazar, CB Capital, Berezka Ventures) since early 2017 through which we have invested into over 50 projects, we have now streamlined all our venture activities to Kommune. Given our background we simply cannot live otherwise.
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Some of our earlier investments include:
crypto project casper labs, one of kommune's portfolio companies
Klaytn is an open-source public blockchain for all who wish to build, work, or play in the metaverse. One of Kommune's portfolio projects.
1inch is a DeFi / DEX aggregator with the most liquidity and the best rates on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, Polygon. One of Kommune's portfolio companies.
Mina Protocol logo - A portfolio company of Kommune, offering a decentralized, lightweight blockchain solution for secure and scalable transactions.
Fantom logo - A portfolio project of Kommune fund, offering a fast, scalable, and secure blockchain solution for decentralized applications.
Hedera Hashgraph logo - A portfolio project of Kommune fund, delivering a fast, secure, and fair distributed ledger technology for global businesses.
Harmony logo - A portfolio project of Kommune fund, revolutionizing decentralized consensus and scaling blockchain technology for decentralized applications.
NuCypher logo - A portfolio project of Kommune fund, providing a decentralized key management system for secure and privacy-preserving data sharing.
Polygon logo - A portfolio project of Kommune fund, delivering a fast and secure layer 2 solution for Ethereum blockchain, enabling scalability and affordability for decentralized applications.
The Graph logo - A portfolio project of Kommune fund, providing a decentralized indexing and query layer for decentralized applications, making it easy to search and access data on Ethereum blockchain.
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man and woman speaking on a crypto conference


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Lived through several hype cycles and understand the virtue of passion and long-term thinking
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Love to dive deep into problems and make our hands dirty with you - coding, hackathons, staff, community building, liquidity, and more
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Like connecting the dots on the global map - opening doors to peer angels/vcs, help hire staff and build business networks
Image of Oleg Ivanov - a distinguished partner of Kommune, contributing expertise and experience to drive growth and success.
Oleg Ivanov
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Image of Stan Sukhinin - a prominent partner of Kommune, bringing a wealth of knowledge and leadership to drive positive outcomes.
Stan Sukhinin
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Image of Igor Studennikov -  partner of Kommune, responsible for sourcing and executing profitable deals and investments.
Igor Studennikov
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